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URL’s must be pretty

pretty urls
  • Choose words that describe the content of your page
  • is better than

Uniform Resource Locater

Individual words within your URL should be separated with hyphens so they can be easily recognised by search engines such as Google.
Search engines treat hyphens (–) and underscores (_) as spaces:–accessibility.html.(nomensa)
Use your keywords in your URL’s that relate to the content where appropriate.
Twitter set up by ex–Google employeers realised this early
But Facebook have only recently has realized how pretty urls are useful and they launched Facebook vanity URL’s.


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Using a URL scheme where parameters are passed as a query string through the URL make it difficult for search engine spiders to look through your site. More importantly, when you are passing the session ID as part of the URL you are essentially creating a separate URLs for each session with almost the same content. This is probably going to get you penalized for duplicate content. We‘ll talk about that later on.

Human readable, bot parsable URLs are generally preferred over traditional parameter filled URLs. is generally preferred to When crafting pretty URLs try to avoid days, months and years. is preferred to