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Can all humans see you images and other content?

Adding things like titles (not page titles), which is in plain text to navigation is readable to search engines too and is an opportunity to add keywords. (lucidica)

< img alt="stevie wonder" longdesc="steviewonderdocument.html" scr="stevie_wonder_photo.jpg" />

Go even farther than alt tag and add the longdesc or long description tag that links to a separate document that, as the name says, describes the image in more detail if you need to

Remember, search engines are meant to bring people to your site. Which means your site is primarily for human parsing. Design with them in mind.

Include alt attributes for all images on your site. This is not only good practice but also a necessity if you want valid markup. If it’s appropriate include relevant keywords in the alt text. Remember, search bots can’t really look at a picture and decide whether it’s relevant or not. Appropriate keywords lets it make that decision. As always don’t go overboard on the text. Keep it simple and to the point.

Please don’t hide your content behind obnoxious JavaScript or Flash. Spiders can’t go through those to get to your content. And without content, the entire point of your site fails. Miserably. Avoid this unless you absolutely have to.(nomensa)


From a talk given at the British Library on SEO by Lucidica on March 4th 2010. An IT company based in London.

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dated: September 2009
By Siddarth

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