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What do you mean?

  • Search – It’s all about meaning.
  • How does the machine know what we mean?
  • Challenge for SEARCH – determining the relevance

Now it's all about Meaning

Computers have to search for us without knowing the meaning of what we are looking for. (Sweeney)
“The perfect search engine,” says Google co-founder Larry Page, “would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.”

If you are SEARCHING then the more precise you are about what you mean then the more relevant the search results should be.(Wodtke)

I will explain SEO which is about:–
Its about getting your content found and to do this you must tell the machines or computers what you mean.
What is it the spider or robot is looking at?
Tell them what the content is, for example one way is with Metadata.
Getting your content found is the root of SEO


Slide 6 of the presentation SEO and IA: The Makings of a Beautiful Friendship
Prepared for the 2007 IA Summit:Las Vegas
By Marianne Sweeney

Information on Marianne Sweeney

Information Architecture by Christina WodtkeInformation Architecture
Blueprints for the Web
by Christina Wodtke

2nd Edition 2009

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