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Internal Links

For both search engine optimisation and accessibility to ensure that the link phrases used across your website accurately reflect the target of the link.
Absolute v relative?
If someone takes content from your site, that contain your internal links it would be better
if those internal links are absolute then on their site your internal links point back to your site and away from theirs.


From a talk given at the British Library on SEO by Lucidica on March 4th 2010. An IT company based in London.

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Link Internally

Don’t be scared to interlink the pages in your site. If the number of pages is small, putting it all up on the navigation bar is the way to go. If yours is a big site with a ton of pages, just put all the main category pages on the navigation bar. One way or the other, make sure your pages can be found through links on your site.

Thinking outside the box, you could just as easily include a popular post section on each page. This way you get the interlinking SEO needs and at the same time your visitors can get to see some of the popular posts on your site. It’s a win-win situation.

Extracted from an article Nettuts SEO 101